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Well, You know I don't do journals much, but here I am again, Just to let you know I've been in Cyprus or a week, and I took a load of photos, so hopefully some are good enough to be put on here :D

I cannot sleep.
I have school tomorrow.
Need scanner. Now. Why wont it work. D:
Went on a long drawn out walk down to the Mall today, and as I was walking past one of the shops,there were Coke Zero vendors handing out free
coca-cola! seriously! they gave me 3 Cokes FOR FREE xD
I then proceeded to take some crap photos, and a few bad time lapse movies.
Finally, I have got my scanner working, so I shall start drawing, writing and uploading soon!
Cant wait!
  • Listening to: Anthrax - Caught in a Mosh
  • Playing: with myself? No. My guitar xD